I'm Gone [E]

"Driven to the point of no return
by the lies you’ve sold so long..."

I’m gone......
do you hear me baby, I’m gone...
Driven to the point of no return
by the lies you’ve sold so long,
I cannot ignore the things I’ve heard ‘cause
I now know that they’re all true,
I have my suitcase in the car ---
I’m through......
you know it honey, I’m through...
that perfume does not match the stench
that your bullshit has produced,
I will not wear these custom blinds that
hid deeds you can’t outrun,
I have my hotel room reserved ---
I’m done......
can you feel it lover, I’m done...
I cannot reconcile the joke that
our relationship has become,
the damage that is clear can’t be repaired
because of all that you’ve done wrong,
I have my car-keys in my hand ---
I’m gone......

Original Copyright © 2008 Stone Bryson. All Rights Reserved.
Written May 2008
About Stone...
Known in many (albeit small) online circles over the past 15 years, Stone Bryson is a poet, storyteller, and essayist. He is working on various writing projects, and lives what he describes as an 'analog life.' He resides in Jackson County, Missouri.

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