I’ve been......
hoping for a respite,
an escape from what’s inside,
to put the thoughts I’ve had to rest
and grab a little peace of mind.
For I’m...
searching for a window so
I can see my self-respect,
to turn those mass of voices...
into whispers I forget,
and spend a little time with the
joy of life I knew,
to push aside delusions, with the
things I know are true.
I want to
rise above the constant fear
for a dream to call my own,
and finally find a life I can call

I am......
tired of the struggle,
with all that batters me without,
strung out by the superficial hope
that existence is about.
Now I’m...
desperate for a solid which can
anchor what’s adrift,
to calm the raging waters...
for my own damned benefit,
and achieve a little silence to the
din that works my soul,
to recover the remaining bits, of
what had made me whole.
I want to
eradicate the constant pain
with the lies I have been shown,
and find a piece of me I can call

Original Copyright © 2008 Stone Bryson. All Rights Reserved.
Written March 2008
About Stone...
Known in many (albeit small) online circles over the past 15 years, Stone Bryson is a poet, storyteller, and essayist. He is working on various writing projects, and lives what he describes as an 'analog life.' He resides in Jackson County, Missouri.

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